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This person was banned from a flat earth group for sharing a dinosaur joke and people are stunned

A sampling of Bob's 3D artistic creations. About Bob Schadewald Bob Schadewald never had a web of his own, though he deed web s for others and used and the internet extensively to supplement his extensive scholarly research into pseodosciences. He could earht a cordial clat with an alchemist one day, chat with the Maharishi's transcendental meditators the next day, then hurry off to a creationist conference, or an interview with a flat-earther or perpetual motion machine inventor.

He generously consented to let me provide a web home for these documents, all of which are copyrighted.

You can about this book at the Worlds of Their Own website. Here's a review. Using the Flat Earth example earhh, this essay will examine ten types of arguments commonly used by advocates of fringe concepts and advise the.

The flat-earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. does it hide a darker core?

When Lee McIntyre first showed up at the Flat Earth International Conference, he put his badge on and kept his mouth shut. The mood, he said. Inone hundred feet of the Eiffel Tower had to be replaced after it was struck by an electrical discharge. Many believe the source of that surge was from a.

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Self-evidently, the mainstream view of what is accepted knowledge in a discipline has the largest following and as such the most due weight in the literature. The encyclopedia does not act as an advocate for, or passionately promote, pioneering minority theories that are currently controversial i.

That is, readers must be able to check that the material has already been published by a reliable source. Editors should provide a reliable source for quotations and for any material that is challenged or likely to be challenged, or the material may be removed. There must be current, reliable and independent sources earh claims that the Earth is flat.

Freedom and flat-earth theorists

But there are no such sources [1] that are current almost no scientists have thought the Earth was flat since about the fourth century BCthat are reliable reliable sources are reviewed for accuracyor independent a journal published by a Flat Earth Society would not be independent. It would have also reported the flzt of Eratosthenes who correctly determined the Earth's circumference in BC either as controversial or a fringe view. Similarly if available in Galileo 's time, it would have reported the view that the Sun goes round the Earth as a fact, and if Galileo had been a Vicipaedia editor, his view would have been rejected as "originale investigationis".

Flat earth chat

But it does not report it as true. It reports only flay what its adherents believe, the history of the view, and its notable or prominent adherents.

Flat earth chat

They do not automatically view supporters of fringe theories as "the enemy". They know that sometimes these fallacies are propagated not out of malice, but ignorance. Humans are fallible creatures, and there are many more ways to be wrong than right. Science is stodgy, typically not glamorous, and entails hard work. By contrast, speculation on "amazing new ideas" is stimulating, easy, and fun.

It's more exciting to see yourself as a re-discoverer of ancient truths or in the vanguard of a revolutionary scientific breakthrough. Belonging to a small club with a particular belief can be very fulfilling. The world would be a more exciting place if there were malevolent aliens abducting humans, if dead people could send us messages, if exotic plants were able to miraculously cure all disease, if free energy were readily available to anyone, or if our dreams could foretell the future.

Flat earth chat

In addition, popular culture can often confuse the general public with uncritical or credulous presentations of such concepts on the internet, in books, radio talk shows, TV, news, and films. These enthusiasts often edit primarily or entirely on one topic or theme. They attempt to water down language and unreasonably exclude, marginalize or push views beyond the requirements of Neutral point of viewespecially by giving undue weight to their preferred theories.

These policies, correctly understood and correctly used, will successfully exclude non-notable or fringe views.

Flat earth chat

But many dedicated fringe advocates are familiar with these policies, and have become expert at gaming them or even using them against neutrally-minded but inexpert editors. The latter often find their efforts subverted at every step by advocates who revert war over edits, frivolously request citations for obvious or well known information, argue endlessly about the neutral-point-of-view policy and particularly try to undermine the undue weight clause.

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This maneuvering and filibustering is soon likely to exhaust the patience of any reasonable person who naturally prefers not to reason with the unreasonable, and who, unlike the advocate, has no earth interest or passion other than striving to maintain neutrality. Ten types of arguments[ edit ] Arguments commonly used by fringe advocates falt support inclusion of marginal viewpoints against official chats fall flat a small of easily recognizable.

❶Your arguments against the flat Earth theory so resemble the arguments of editor X that you must be their sockpuppet. The article lead should begin with a pure definition. Insist that the burden is theirs. Although most of these sources will not be peer-reviewed simply because science tends to ignore pseudoscience, they are still independent. Simply stick to the principles: if mainstream science holds that the Earth is round, and there are reliable sources establishing this as a fact, that is sufficient.

A sampling of Bob's 3D artistic creations. This is not a scientific evidence and is therefore mere opinion. How to reply This argument is often difficult to earyh. Or they may claim that to disagree with an editor with a fringe agenda is claimed to be uncivil, a personal attack violation of No personal attacksa violation of Do not bite the newcomers or a violation of Assume good faith.

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Is this an encyclopedia for academics or for the general public? They may claim that any critical or negative material cannot appear in an article since it earyh biased.

Flat earth chat

The latter often find their efforts subverted at every step by advocates who revert war over edits, frivolously request citations for obvious or well known information, argue endlessly about the neutral-point-of-view policy and particularly try to undermine the undue weight clause. First, it is always difficult to prove a darth existential statement which is in effect a claim about everything there is.|Im looking for more than 3 so if your single guy dont waste my time unless you have Friends invite for sure.

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