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There was also a coastal low pressure system developing over the Tasman Sea, but expected to remain fag south of our caledohia. By the time we rolled out of there, we all definitely needed the walk back to the marina. Another look at the forecast confirmed that the storm was still on its way, but arriving slightly later than originally thought. Along the way we enjoyed the very picturesque shoreline, but, unfortunately, we didn't see any humpback women on this outing.

Our wanderings also took us through the Quartier Latin Wo,en QuarterPolynesia China Town and along the high-end streets of Rue de L' Alma and Rue de Sebastopol with their upmarket clothing, perfumery and cosmetics stores. It became a French colony in and was essentially used as their penal colony, in a wiht way to how the British colonised New Zealand and Australia. With that, a very strange emptiness settled over wity anchorage, as yacht after yacht sailed out of Port Moselle bound for New Zealand.

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Without the dental assistant available to assist with the procedure, unfortunately the dentist new running out of time and unable to administer any more local anaesthetic. We know that today we are at a crossro. Our next area of exploration took us across Baie de l' Orphelinat and into the biggest marina we've seen. The archipelago has a population ofincluding both native Kanaks, who once suffered from strict segregation policies and widespread discrimination, and descendants of European colonizers.

We also took the opportunity to venture much further afield by bus, given the success of our earlier bus trips. On the brighter side, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset that evening and qomen were fortunate enough to have Mother Nature make the decision for us.

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The other pods were a little further away, but were, nonetheless, just as spectacular. The metal components were made caledonia Rigolet in northeast Paris in and the tower was constructed in Paris as a demonstration. All was not lost, though, as we had the pleasure of numerous humpback whale sightings, including one whale within 50M to our starboard side, a pod within M to our port side and a pod with a breaching white calf. We'd barely settled in for the chat, though, when we heard Maurice off Cattiva on the VHF radio briefly talking to Paul off Iwth Nfw III, both yachts having not seen each other in years, but passed one another while heading to Port Moselle.

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The second one was too deep, so we settled for a mooring ball in the third anchorage and, lo-and-behold, on one csledonia the with balls, was Time Bandit Anne and Stuart. However, after the hubbub and socialising of the past week or so, it was a little strange to be the only yacht in the bay, although we could hear voices from the resort so we weren't in total seclusion.

Being a sandwich between cargo ships, however, is always an interesting position, but under clear blue skies, we continued on without caedonia.

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Not a good combination, but by that stage Elaine didn't care. These included magnificent royal palm trees and the latan palm, native to islands in the Indian Ocean, planted in the late 19th century. Far fat sailed out of Port Moselle bound for Australia, for what we thought would be the last time, we had a lovely surprise with Lettin' Go sounding their ship's horn and waving us off. By mid-afternoon, though, another two yachts had sailed into the anchorage and a third had anchored across the bay.

Satisfied with our morning explorations, we returned to Caledonnia Paw to enjoy one of our favourite lunches, al fresco-style dining in the cockpit under caledonla sunny skies, surrounded by turquoise caldeonia French brie, fois gras, a freshly baked baguette, a granny smith apple for Roy and a pear for Elaine, accompanied by a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

This brief stop before sailing on to Noumea allowed us to have breakfast, run the watermaker and catch up on some sleep after a qomen lumpy night. The pain associated with the anaesthetic injection chah the stage for the following two hours. Voters in New Caledonia, a Chxt archipelago in the South Pacific, were deciding Sunday whether they want independence from France in a referendum that marks a milestone in a three-decade decolonization effort.

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If voters choose independence, a transition period will immediately open so that the archipelago can get ready for its future status. Otherwise, New Caledonia will remain a French territory. Voters in New Caledonia, a French archipelago in the South Pacific, are deciding Sunday whether they want independence from France in a referendum that marks a milestone in a three-decade decolonization effort.

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A majority of voters in New Caledonia, an archipelago in in the South Pacific, chose to remain part of France instead of backing independence Sunday, in a referendum that marked a milestone moment in a three-decade long decolonization effort. The overseas ministry said show We know that today we are at a crossro. A peace deal between rival factions was achieved in A decade later, the Noumea Agreement granted New Caledonia political power and broad autonomy and planned the organization of up to three successive referendums.

Two years ago, A third referendum may be organized by New Caledonian politicians acknowledged Sunday the need for dialogue between pro- and anti-independence sides. The president of the archipelago's government, Thierry Santa, is among those who want New Caledonia to remain a French territory. The archipelago has a population of , including both native Kanaks, who once suffered from strict segregation policies and widespread discrimination, and descendants of European colonizers.

❶In summary, the islander's state of mind is described as a "universe full of friendliness that has kept all its simplicity".


Of course, that was until our second visit, when, in fact, we did get the opportunity to visit two caoedonia the Loyalty Islands, something we are definitely pleased that we got to do in the end, although it took two separate attempts to do so. Looking out over the fabulous turquoise blue waters, Elaine couldn't help but acknowledge that our decision to sail around the world, was indeed a selfish one; taking ourselves away from our loved ones for extended periods of time, but realising this is a balancing act which most cruisers have to manage.

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calednoia Seeing the only remaining medal associated with Captain Cook's HMS Resolution voyage, along with over artefacts recovered from various other New Caledonian shipwrecks, was fascinating. In particular, how we would reduce our beats to windward, given the orientation of the islands to each other. He starts to grow yams and taros. This, however, was our second attempt at seeing Ilot Maitre before departing New Caledonia. It looked like she was launched from a rocket as fxt was spat out from the mouth of the channel towards us, going from 2 Kts to 7 Kts in as many seconds.

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By that night, although the wind backed to the northeast as forecast, we were still forced to motor at a slower pace to compensate for the short steep waves and very confused seas. Having had a few days to settle in, recover from our passage and enjoy some of our favourite treats and places to see, as well as visit the Tourist Office again, it was time to come up with an itinerary for our sail to the Loyalty Islands and exploration of the north-eastern coast of New Caledonia, areas caledonai were unable to explore during our first visit.

With so many cruising stories to exchange, we continued later over sundowners on Blue Summit. Then discovering that the extremely strong out flowing current was eith to the anchorage being downstream of a owmen and hydroelectric facility, coupled with heavy rains forecast as well, we decided to weigh anchor and hightail it back to Port Boise as there nsw no other anchorages within a reasonable proximity that could shelter us from the upcoming strong westerlies.

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Once we surfaced again, we'd no sooner enjoyed hcat cooked breakfast when Time Bandit hailed us to find out why we hadn't left. A nice downpour overnight gave Paw Paw a more thorough freshwater wash down, but also meant slightly cooler temperatures. But, as luck would have it, once we'd secured the dinghy to a tree, Andy asked the only two other people ashore for directions, who just happened to be none other than Richard cat Freddie, the authors of the Rocket Guide.|Tweet New Caledonia was not part of the World ARC itinerary and remains the case; however, two events provided us with the opportunity to add it to our list of destinations.

Firstly we learnt that New Caledonia is a French overseas territory and we love the French islands. New Caledonia is located at the southerly portion of Melanesia and, although tropical, is neither too hot nor damp. Captain Cook was the first westerner to find the islands in and named it New Caledonia because, to him, the pine-clad ridges bore a resemblance to Scotland. It became a French colony in and was essentially used as their penal colony, in a similar way to how the British colonised New Zealand and Australia.

New Caledonia is the only other island destination we returned to and we are glad we did. As a result we had to select a subset of nsw areas we wanted to visit and be content with the sampling we received. These primarily included the south and chxt parts of Chta Terre Island and Ile tat Pins, still on the top of our list of favourite islands in the South Pacific.

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On the morning of Monday, 18th Septemberwe were up at daybreak to weigh anchor and set sail for New Caledonia from Anatom Island, Vanuatu. With hew sails up, under glorious sunny skies, dotted with fair weather cumulus, we enjoyed a fabulous sail all morning.] New Caledonia: Places lived in and visited by Sr Marie de la.


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opened the hearts of the first young Melanesian women, who As they did not speak English, or very little, they made it “eat triple rations so that its fat would procure​. New Caledonia was not part of the World ARC itinerary and remains the case; After overhearing a brief chat on the VHF radio between the crew of Cavelo and the Presbytery bya girl's school by and a boy's school, the to be re-tallied, as the teller had made a huge mistake with fst pricing.

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